This system is used when you only need up to four stories and low cost budgets. The advantages are many, including; Fire retardant, insect resistant, earthquake resistant, and withstands high wind velocities.

Lite-Core Panels are a strong, affordable and environmentally responsible solution. Lite-Core panels have been utilized successfully worldwide for more than 40 years. A Lite-Core building is constructed by assembling pre-manufactured panels which are heavily insulated, removing the need for additional insulation. The panels are very strong, and can be used for floors and roofs as well as external and internal walls, without the need for a traditional support frame. Our personnel have experience in the development and manufacturing of the composite panels. Manufacturing equipment at our factory has ensured a consistently high quality of manufacture, fast response and high volume production.

Lite-Core systems are used, among others, in the construction of houses, flats, hotels and leisure facilities, schools and light industrial units. The following finishes are easily applied: walls; cladding, polymer and cement renders, natural stone, brick, timber and metal cladding. Roofs; lightweight and traditional systems can be used.

Green Advantages
Expanded polystyrene core is nontoxic and inert. Expanded polystyrene provides the lightweight and the high heat-insulation values. Lite-Core systems are engineered panels that are used as walls and roofs on all types of building. They may be used to span openings with support from panels on each side. Panels are generally connected using steel joints. Lite-Core panels are fire resistant and can be further protected against fire by use of thermal barriers such as plasterboard to achieve higher fire ratings.

Fire safety is always an ongoing concern. Al-Faowry consistently reviews on-site safety protocols as well as continued training for its employees to enhance work flow and meet our goal of zero tolerance for accidents.  Al-Faowry is not only committed to overall safety of its employees, but also its customers — especially when it comes to Fire Safety. This is why Al-Faowry’s  Lite-Core products have a Class I fire rating—the best available for combustible materials. Because the foam core of a Lite-Core panel is solid, there are no cavities or voids in the walls or roof to support a “chimney effect” that can occur during a fire in open-cavity construction.

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What are Lite-Core Pre-Cast Panels?
Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels are a composite, high performance building panel for walls, roofs, and floors in residential and light commercial construction. Lite-Core Pre-Cast Panels have a core of rigid polyurethane, EPS, or XPS insulation that is sandwiched between two structurally rated skins of oriented pre-cast cementous board. Lite-Core Pre-cast panels provide continuous structural integrity and superior insulation in one component.
Are Lite-Core Pre-Cast Panels as strong as conventional construction?
Lite-Core Pre-Cast Panels construction is actually stronger than conventional construction because of Lite-Core’s composite construction. A Lite-Core Pre-Cast panel configuration can be likened to a steel I-beam in which the outer skins act as the flanges and the foam core acts as the I-beam connective web that gives the composition cohesive strength and structural integrity. Lite-Core Pre-Cast panel structures have survived some of the most devastating natural disasters, including Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, and test results show that Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels out-perform conventional construction in strength and durability.
Is Lite-Core Pre-Cast Panel construction more expensive?
The initial, up-front cost of Lite-Core Pre-cast Panel construction or materials over conventional construction or materials is typically a bit more, depending in part on the complexity of the design. However, there are real savings in labor time, and in construction waste volume reduction. A recent study by Reid Construction Data for BASF shows that residential builders can reduce their framing labor needs by as much as 55% by using Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels. And when complete, a Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels building envelope will continue to bring significant, welcome savings in heating and cooling energy use.
How much time can be saved building with Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels?
With an experienced Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels installation crew, the time savings over conventional construction can be significant. The separate steps of framing, insulating, and sheathing are eliminated thanks to the composite construction of Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels. Having window and door openings factory pre-cut speeds the installation process even further, and virtually eliminates panel construction waste.
How much labor can be saved with Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels?
A great deal of the labor involved in traditional construction methods is eliminated when building with Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels as a result of their composite construction. A Lite-Core Pre-cast Panel is framing, insulation, and sheathing in one prefabricated component. Once installed, Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels are ready for interior and exterior finishing.
How much money can be saved with Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels?
For a builder, savings come from decreased construction and labor costs. Additional savings can be attributed to reduced jobsite waste disposal and downsized HVAC equipment. For owners, savings come from significantly lower heating and cooling energy costs, and possible qualification for lower mortgage rates and tax incentives.
How much do Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels cost?
Pricing is determined based on the project - its complexity, the type and thickness of foam core required, and the square footage of panels needed. In order to determine a realistic, accurate cost, the standard procedure is to submit plans that include dimensions and elevations to AL-Faowry for a written estimate. While the resulting price may be slightly higher than conventional construction, the savings potential for building with Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels should also be considered: labor, HVAC equipment, and jobsite waste disposal savings for the builder, and ongoing heating and cooling energy savings for the owner.
How are Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels green?
The AL-Faowry Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels are green in several respects. First, the high-performance Lite-Core Pre-cast Panel building envelope creates a highly energy efficient environment that reduces the demand for heating and cooling energy. The AL-Faowry Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels can potentially contribute to points under the LEED Rating System and the NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines. The foams in the AL-Faowry Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels of Polyurethane and EPS contain no harmful blowing or expanding agents and do not pose a threat to the ozone layer. Factory production and pre-cutting of AL-Faowry Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels virtually eliminates panel scrap waste at the jobsite.
What is the R-value of the AL-Faowry Lite-Core Pre-cast Panels?
System R-values range from R-16 thru R-57, depending upon the panel foam core type and the overall thickness of the panel.
Are these “aged” R-values?