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The Maysan City project will include schools, a health clinic and shopping. Please click on the links below to view project details. Other projects are being reviewed to follow this first project. Amarah or Maysan [Misan] as it is known has a very interesting history to share; Amarah [Amara] (Maysan) with a population of 340,000 (2002 Census) is the administrative center of Maysan Governate and should not be confused with the Al ‘Amarah Marsh.

The country that is today Iraq consisted in 1914 of the three Turkish Vilayets of Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul. The British conquest of that territory began one day after the outbreak of war between Great Britain and Turkey on the 5th November 1914. The occupation of southern Iraq (the Basrah vilayet) was completed with the capture of Amarah and Nasiriyah in the summer of 1915.

Despite long-standing government interest in developing the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers into major arteries for inland transport, little had been accomplished by the late 1980s, primarily because of the massive scale of such a project. Dredging and the establishment of navigation channels had been completed on several stretches of the Tigris south of Baghdad, and in 1987 a river freight route using barges was opened between Baghdad and Al Amarah.

Iraq has 38,402 kilometers of paved roads. Expressway No. 1-a 1200-kilometer, six-lane freeway-connects Baghdad to Kuwait in the south and runs to Jordan and Syria in the west. A 630-kilometer freeway (Expressway No. 2) runs north from Baghdad to the Turkish border, where it links up with the modern freeway connecting southeast Turkey to Ankara and Istanbul. Another Baghdad-Basra route is planned via Kut and Amarah and will be known as Expressway No. 3.

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Information, elevations and floor plans for the Maysan City Project (in English).

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Information, elevations and floor plans for the Maysan City Project (in Arabic).

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