Advantages of Al-Faowry

Speed & Efficiency

—• Higher Insulated Values (Up to R-60 Available)
—• —Reduced Energy Cost (as much as 70%)
• Reduced Building Time (average shell up in 1-3 days)
——• Reduced Cost for Heating and. Cooling(Lower HVAC Required)
——• Less Job Site Waste (No dumpster required/less cost)
——• Manufacturing Facilities will be located in Iraq (lower carbon footprint)
—• Insect Resistant (less Pesticides/Healthier Living)
——• Mold and Mildew Resistant
——• Non Toxic Components/ No Off Gassing (Low V.O.C)
——• Green Product Built With Renewable Resources
——• LEED Project Certification (possible LEED Rating of 45)


• Reduced Labor and number of Sub-Contractors
• Reduced Insurance Rates
• Increased Life Expectancy of Building
• Increased Resale Value

Superior Strength

• High Density Foam for Superior Structural Strength
• Flame Resistant Fiber Cement Panel
• Proven Hurricane and Earthquake Resistance
• Impact Resistant per Miami Dade Code
• High Wind Load Survivability (Lab tested 200 mph)
• 2010 High Wind Velocity Florida Product Approval

Additional Benefits

• Pioneers a superior green technology
• More usable interior space
• Lower thermal mass
• Our Lite-Core products have a Class I fire rating, the best available for combustible materials
• Moisture-proof
• Field flexibility
• Ease of modifications
• Local labor
• Plant and On the Job Trainings from Certified Al-Faowry Staff