Company Overview



AL-Faowry was founded solely to research, develop and manufacture the highest-performing pre-cast and lite-core building systems on the market.

Lite-Core building products have been used in construction since 1952. They consist of a rigid foam insulation core bonded between two layers of rigid Cementous sheathing, called “skins.” The Lite-Core product offers:

• Superior structural strength
• Unmatched energy efficiency
• Reduced construction and labor time
• Plus a host of other benefits

AL-Faowry remains committed to the idea that Lite-Core building products are a superior construction method. AL-Faowry is committed to the goal of providing “Speedy and Efficient” superior building products and service to its customers.

As a company, we have maintained a position of leadership in our industry because of several key attributes:


Since its founding in 2008, AL-Faowry has offered superior building products in both Pre-Cast and Lite-Core products. By continually focusing on our product and process improvements, we maintain the highest level of quality possible.

Customer Service

Our customers work directly with knowledgeable AL-Faowry team members to receive the best in customer care. In addition, builders, architects, engineers, and homeowners all benefit from our Client First Support program.


We incorporate diligent quality control procedures, and contract with an independent third-party quality assurance agency to audit and inspect our processes and building products.


AL-Faowry works continuously to create new products and develop new methods and processes that enhance product qualities. From a proprietary manufacturing process to Trade-Marked products, AL-Faowry creates the advances that make a superior product even better.


Al-Faowry adheres to the strictest safety standards, going beyond what is required and ensuring a construction project that resists fire and other hazards, as well as maintaining the highest level of structural quality.